DYSIS Colposcopy for Abnormal Pap Tests

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If your Pap smear results were abnormal, your OBGYN may have recommended a procedure called a “colposcopy”. This is a commonly performed procedure that closely examines the cervix, vagina and vulva for diseases. During colposcopy, a special lighted magnifying instrument called a colposcope enables our caring OBGYNs to examine you very carefully. If she sees a suspicious area, a small sample of tissue may be collected for laboratory testing. This is called a “biopsy”.

AHA Women’s Health is one of the first OBGYN offices in the downriver area to offer the innovative new DYSIS Colposcopy. The DYSIS uses a new technology called Dynamic Spectral Imaging that takes accurate measurements and translates them into a visible “map” format. The map appears on a screen which you and your doctor can see and discuss, in order to determine the best next steps or treatment options. DYSIS is the most advanced and accurate type of colposcopy available today.

We understand that abnormal pap results, and a colposcopy, can make you anxious. But with years of experience, and the new DYSIS colposcopy technology, we are here to ease your mind and deliver the most advanced diagnostic and treatment options available. If you have received abnormal Pap test results, at our office or at another doctor’s office, schedule a DYSIS appointment at AHA Women’s Health in Lincoln Park, MI , and get the peace of mind and state-of-the-art medical care you deserve.