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An annual pelvic exam should be part of every woman’s routine to maintain good health – and to prevent small medical issues from becoming big problems. Unfortunately, annual pelvic exams are often a yearly chore that many women dread and put off. But at AHA Women’s Health in Lincoln Park, MI our compassionate OBGYN staff does everything possible in order to to ensure a fast, comfortable, pleasant and painless experience during your examination.

Our caring OBGYN Dr. Barbara Hannah, MD (“Dr. Bobbi”), board certified Physician Assistant Leanna, and Nurse Practitioners Mary and Jeanne offer a warm, friendly and understanding demeanor – as they strive to make sure that every woman feels comfortable, cared for, well informed and empowered when they visit AHA in Lincoln Park, MI.

Taking time out of your busy schedule for your annual pelvic exam, pap test, mammogram, and other screening tests, is an essential part of staying healthy, so you can life your life to the fullest now and for years to come. And, even if you are not in an age group requiring annual pap tests, yearly pelvic and breast exams are still a necessity to identify any other serious health problems that you may not even be aware of! Early diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, osteoporosis, pelvic disease and almost every other condition ensures quicker healing, with less invasive treatments, and a greater prognosis for full recovery.

We hope you will take a moment today to schedule your annual pelvic exam and yearly routine screenings at AHA Women’s Health in Lincoln Park, MI  – so you can enjoy a happy, healthy life in the near future and for decades to come.