Endometriosis & Menstrual Cramps | Lincoln Park, MI

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If you suffer from menstrual cramps and/or pelvic pain that impacts your normal activities, you could have a medical condition called endometriosis. What many women simply believe to be “very bad periods” is actually quite commonly endometriosis.  And, the good news is that endometriosis is highly treatable by the OBGYN and women’s health experts at AHA in Lincoln Park, MI. So there is no need for you to suffer with debilitating monthly pain that interferes with your life.

When a woman has endometriosis, the tissue that should line her uterus actually grows outside the uterus and on the ovaries, fallopian tubes and/or pelvic lining. However, this misplaced uterine tissue still bleeds during each menstrual cycle. But the blood has no way to exit the body, and becomes trapped – which causes intense pelvic or abdominal pain. And, if not treated, endometriosis can cause scar tissue or adhesions that can worsen pain and even cause infertility.

At AHA Women’s Health in Lincoln Park, MI  our compassionate and skilled OBGYN and women’s health specialists offer several highly effective, non-invasive procedures that can successfully treat endometriosis and get rid of these painful menstrual cramps – while preserving and improving fertility now or in the future when you are ready to bear children.

If you are suffering from “bad periods”  or severe menstrual cramps let experienced OBGYN Dr. Bobbi diagnose and treat the underlying cause of your endometriosis pain – so you can stop suffering every month, and start living your best life again. Schedule a pelvic exam today at AHA Women’s Health in Lincoln Park, MI , and enjoy a pain-free life now and for years to come.