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Hormones regulate nearly every aspect of a woman’s health, including organ function, hair growth, weight gain, energy level, vaginal health and sexual enjoyment. But when the body’s hormone production declines because of menopause or other factors  women can suffer a wide variety of side effects – from minor annoyances such as hot flashes, to serious health problems like heart disease or osteoporosis.

Hormone deficiency or imbalance can also result in low energy, aging skin, increased weight gain (especially belly fat), mood swings, sleep problems, decreased libido, vaginal laxity, painful during intercourse, thyroid problems, and many more health issues. The good news is that AHA Women’s Health in Lincoln Park, MI offers hormone replacement therapy that can bring your body back into balance – alleviating symptoms and safeguarding your health.

We can perform comprehensive blood testing to identify the exact nature of your hormone imbalance. Then customized an individual hormone replacement plan that is just for you. We offer hormone replacement in an array of delivery methods to suit your individual problems and unique lifestyle, including: pills, creams, tablets, suppositories, and even mists.

If you would like to turn back the clock and restore youthful energy, reinvigorate your sex life, and improve your overall health, schedule a consultation to discuss hormone replacement therapy with experienced OBGYN Dr. Barbara Hannah, MD at our Lincoln Park, MI office today.