Men’s Incontinence Treatment | Dearborn, MI

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Urinary incontinence – embarrassing bladder leaks – affect men of all ages. However a leaky bladder becomes more common as a a man gets older. In men, incontinence may be related to prostate problems or treatments, or certain prescription medications. Drinking alcohol can make urinary incontinence worse. But in most cases male urinary incontinence occurs when the muscles around the urethra become weak or damaged – and/or the the lower part of the bladder may no longer have enough muscle support to keep the urine from leaking out.

At AHA we realize that urinary incontinence can be humiliating and dramatically impact the quality of a man’s life. So, we have invested in the latest and most advanced non-surgical technology for reducing or eliminating bladder leaks. The innovative new EmSella Chair is a revolutionary in-office procedure that uses non-invasive High Intensity Focused electromagnetic energy to naturally strengthen and thicken the muscles and tissue that surround the bladder – improving urination control and reducing or eliminate certain types of incontinence.

EmSella only takes 30 minutes and patients stay fully clothed as they sit on the EmSella chair. And, this treatment has an astounding 95% patient satisfaction rate!

Now there is no need to suffer in silence with frustrating urinary incontinence any more. Schedule an EmSella appointment at AHA in Lincoln Park, MI today, and finally say goodbye to the inconvenience and embarrassment of bladder leaks.